WOD on the Road


WOD on the Road

There’s no gym like your home gym! You’ve got all your friends, the pull up bar you always use, and you know where everything is, but sometimes life takes us out of town either for vacations or work travel. These things can’t be helped, but it is nice to be able to still get a solid workout in to clear your head or just stay in a routine. Having personally done a decent amount of traveling I’ve found there’s usually 1 of 3 set ups you’ll be given for getting some fitness in, so let’s go through each one!

The first is the best scenario and that’s being able to go to a CrossFit Gym like you always do. As crossfitters we’re part of a worldwide community that has over 14,000 affiliates so the odds are pretty good that there’s a Box within 10-15 minutes of you. I’ve visited dozens of other CrossFit Boxes and they are always great at making you feel like you’ve been a member from day one! It’s also a great opportunity to add to your T-shirt collection, and see what the flow is like at another gym because no two are the same. One last thing about visiting a Box from out of town is that they are very accommodating! Almost overly at times because if you’re following some specific program, and ask for open time to do it, a lot of them will make it work. This is nice, but honestly if you’re traveling somewhere do the class WOD! It’s a great chance to be involved in a new community, and it won’t make you any less fit.

Even though there are such numerable CrossFit Boxes around the world it is still very common that there isn’t one close by if you aren’t in a larger town. If you’re staying in a hotel there’s still loads of things to do for a workout though because most hotels will at least have several sets of dumbbells and treadmills. Over the last couple years dumbbells have become exceedingly popular in CrossFit programming again so most people have some idea of what to do with them, but if you don’t I’ll give a couple. Everyone obviously loves Thrusters so a good go to for a hit of intensity is 3 or 4 Rounds of a 400 meter run and 15 dumbbell thrusters, or if you want something a little longer pick a high number of thrusters you would have to break into 7+ sets, anywhere from 70 to 100+. Now make it a rule that every time the dumbbells touch the ground you have to complete a Burpee penalty! Honestly in most hotel gyms you can do almost any workout that you’ve seen, but simply switch a barbell with some dumbbells.

Sometimes when we’re traveling we stay at a family or friends house, or an Air bnb now a days I guess, and many of them don’t have fitness equipment just laying around. Luckily all you need is yourself! Push ups or dips on a chair, squats and lunges, and any kind of core exercise. All things that can be done anywhere at any time and are highly effective. Also if you remember to pack your jump rope it opens up a lot of other options and doesn’t take up any space. If there was one thing I did have to admit is hard about not having access to any equipment like this is doing pull ups or something similar, but if you’re willing to rough your hands up a bit you can always grab a tree branch!

As you can tell there’s always a way to get in a workout when you’re away from home if you really want to. You might be lucky enough to meet a new Box’s community, or you may have to be that weird person in the hotel gym doing manmakers and pistols. The important thing to remember is to have fun when on vacation and not stress about making time to fit in a workout. If you’ve got the time though now you’ve got some leads to get started!

-Coach Tristan