Why Our Coaches Coach


Why Our Coaches Coach

To start off this Blog I wanted to give all of our coaches to share with everyone why they began coaching, and why they continue to. As coaches we share a lot of our daily lives with our athletes, but don’t really talk about what being a coach and getting to lead them means to us. So, I thought this would be a nice point of view for everyone to get a glimpse at.

Val Sheedy- I have always liked sports, I have always enjoyed putting my body to work.  I had been a runner and a triathlete in my adult life (before kids), and when later in life I found myself at a difficult crossroads, I was lucky enough to have some good friends nearby, and one of them brought me to CrossFit.  
I took the CrossFit L1 and USAW Sport Coach training to learn more; at first for myself, but later for the community around me.  I wanted to try and give something back to the sport that helped me so much.  
I continue to coach because I feel compelled to “walk the walk”.  Crossfit is a way of life – it requires you to maintain Integrity in your movements, Honesty in your effort, Commitment to the process, and Trust in yourself – and these are traits I want to work on both on- and off the field.

AJ Kortz- Being a fitness trainer has always been a goal of mine.  When I was in college, it was a decision between going the more fitness route vs Nursing.  Once Innerdrive came to our community and I had the opportunity to join, I quickly found the love for the variety of workouts, the understanding of the purposeful movements and how it pertains to everyday life, and more importantly the community that CrossFit brings together.  The people that I am surrounded by in the CrossFit gym are what makes the experience what it is.  Once I was given the opportunity of becoming a coach, it filled my void of being a fitness trainer.  Now I am able to have two occupations that I dreamed of. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy the opportunity of training the athletes in our community.  These athletes are normal people that share a common interest and come together to share their passion daily.  CrossFit is for  EVERYONE!

Brittni Lair- I began coaching CrossFit three years ago for a few reasons. I had always been interested in fitness, but had never felt passionate about it until I began learning more about CrossFit. Functional fitness is a huge factor in disease and injury prevention.. Being an orthopedic PA, I have a passion for health and wellness.My goal is to keep people independent as long as possible.  The human body is an amazing machine and I also began coaching CrossFit to help people use their body to it’s fullest potential.  Watching people set goals and reach them is one of the best feelings – it brings joy to my life!

Casey Kortz-  I started coaching at CFID because I have a huge passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. I continue coaching because of the community. I have met so many amazing people being apart of CrossFit not only at our gym, but from other gyms and participating in competitions. Every day is a new workout, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to work on different skills. 

Tristan Harrison- I began coaching as part of a project in High School after seeing how much it added to my older Brothers life. When I first began I discovered an interest I had in human movement, which led me to Iowa State to study exercise science. While in Ames I continued coaching, and met some of my best friends. I continued to find patterns in how people move fascinating, but it’s the actual people that made me want to keep it as a constant everywhere I go. Through coaching at 4 different CrossFit Gyms I have met life long friends, amazing mentors, and people that have changed my path in life. It’s all these amazing people, and hundreds of members that are the reason I would never want to be in any other place in life. Getting to see someone set PR’s, get their first Pull Ups, and going from barely being able to walk up the stairs to running hundreds of meters makes me so much more gratified than doing it myself.