Too Much of a Good Thing


Too Much of a Good Thing

Do you ever feel like you didn’t do “enough” in a workout or ask yourself, “what more can I do today’? You might go do another workout, go run the lake, or do a WOD that you missed the week before because you think it will make you feel better or be a better athlete. I have been there many times and my “wake up call” was when I got injured. 

I have come to realize that doing “more” will not make you better, it will actually end up hurting you. We see social media filled with Crossfit pro’s doing 2-3 workouts a day so we think we can do that when in reality, we can’t. They’re pro’s for a reason. We can only do what our body allows us to do and if we feel good in a workout, then we need to stop there and if you don’t feel good, then maybe it’s your body telling you it’s time for a rest day. 

Rest day- two words I hate in my vocabulary but I have come to realize is very important, even sometimes twice a week. I hit my burnout back in January when I got injured. I was training twice a day, sometimes 3x a day because I felt “good”, working full time, coaching, personal training, and adding other life stuff on top of that.  I ate healthy, never enough food in a day, I slept, but roughly 5-6 hours a night, and one night I tried to do more, and I injured my shoulder. With my injury came a very tough mental game. I had to eliminate anything with my left shoulder, I couldn’t touch a barbell, I couldn’t even use my left arm on the bike. Going from working out a few hours a day to maybe only a solid 45 minutes was very hard. I felt like I just lost all the gains and goals I just hit because my body couldn’t handle the stress I was putting on it anymore. I wasn’t fueling myself with food, I wasn’t sleeping enough at night, I was over training because I thought I was becoming a better athlete that way. Now dealing with the injury, I was also mentally trying to deal with what was going on. I was critiquing everything I did, I was complaining a lot, I never felt good in workouts, I was worn out.

Almost 5 months later, a cortisone shot, lots of shoulder accessory, and cutting back, I am still slowly making my way back to where I was. I have some good days and some bad days. I started listening to my body, listening to my coach (thanks Tristan), eating more, sleeping more, resting my shoulder, and now I am finally working up my strength again in my shoulder, my range of motion, and my overall mental health. 

-Coach Casey