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Casey Kortz

CFL1 CrossFit Coach

I started training at CrossFit InnerDrive in March of 2017. My friend brought me to my first CrossFit class and I was nervous to try it at first. After feeling so welcomed and loving the WOD, I became a member and never looked back. I have always been involved in running and lifting weights but CrossFit changed my life. Every day I am being challenged by different workouts and pushing my body to limits I did not think existed. The best part about CrossFit is the friends I have made. No matter what class or what box you go to, the people are what makes the difference.

After two years of training, I wanted to get more involved with CrossFit and become a coach to help others achieve their fitness goals. I also run our Social Media Pages and coach CrossFit Kids in the summer. When I am not coaching or competing, I am wife, dog mom, and a full time Health and PE middle school teacher.