Snack on Snacks on Snacks


Snack on Snacks on Snacks

I think my general eating routine since being in quarantine goes something like this; breakfast, little snack, second breakfast, lunch, post-lunch snack, pre-dinner snack, snack while cooking dinner, dinner, post-dinner snack, and pre-bed time snack. More or less this seems like what a lot our daily eating has turned in to, and it’s no fault of your own. Humans in general just really don’t like monotony, and with so much time to be in the house you run out of new things to do pretty fast. I’ll keep this pretty short today, so as to not add to your boredom, and just go over a couple little things to help limit a few of those daily snacks breaks.

Since eating when we’re bored is an attempt to break the monotony of what you’re doing then start by changing the task first. The time you can sit and do the same thing greatly depends by how enthralled you are with that task. For instance, you can sit and read a book you love for hours without moving, but try and read two pages of a chemistry textbook without looking for anything else to do. We can’t set a normal timer of how long you’ll try and be productive, but once we notice ourselves looking for something else to do take 5 or 10 minutes to change it up. It could be doing a Sudoku, sketching quick, or walking outside. It doesn’t really matter, and you aren’t losing productivity since you would have spend the next 20 minutes being mostly unproductive anyway just glancing around away from your work.

Sometimes the kitchen or food route is just to tempting, and we can’t get away from it. First I suggest tricking yourself into satiating that hunger without actually eating something. Either chew some gum or get a glass of water, and once you’re still hungry after that it’s probably real hunger and you could have a snack. I personally like to have a glass of lemon water next to me anytime I sit down to work on the computer, and I find myself sipping on it constantly which is dually helpful for me since I don’t drink a lot of water otherwise.

If you end up actually being hungry and needing a snack the best thing is just to make sure it’s not mindless snacking. Eating chips isn’t where we get in trouble, but when you open a whole bag and set it next to you then there’s a problem cause they all disappear suddenly. Try setting out your snack on a plate to be more conscious of how much you’re going to be having, and this also tells you when you’re done because the plate runs out of food a lot faster than a seemingly bottomless bag. Of course picking a healthy snack is always beneficial, so things like carrots and hummus or celery with peanut butter are great to actually get some good intake. Even popcorn isn’t a bad snack as long as you aren’t drenching it in butter and salt.

-Coach Tristan