Q&A #1


Q&A #1

How to know when to progress to a harder movement?

It can get very routine to always grab the same band when pull ups come up or get a certain height box to jump on to. It’s hard to put a more difficult version of a movement in a workout right away because we’re focusing on trying to go fast in the WOD, but this is why there’s always time to get set up for the workout! Always grab a blue band for pull ups? Grab a red and see how it feels, and if it’s still to tough then add-on a purple also. It may still be a little to difficult to do in that specific workout, but you know what it feels like now and know that you are capable of using less assistance.

How much more recovery time should I add in as I age?

Honestly there’s no all encompassing answer here. If you’re someone who’s been a top level athlete since high school then you probably won’t feel a lot of difference week to week, or even year to year, and at that slow of a grade the adjustment comes naturally. On the other hand if you’re someone who hasn’t exercised since high school then the differences are much more clear. Maybe you planned on doing the WOD today, but yesterday wrecked you so sitting on a bike for 20 minutes is much more appealing. The bottom line is to just listen to your body, and it’ll tell you what it needs.

Why do some people follow other programming or do stuff on top of class?

What are the peoples goals? If someone is wanting to run a marathon in a couple months then you’d likely see them running several times a week either after, or instead of, class. For people that want more then enough fitness for everyday life things of taking out trash, playing with kids/grand kids, or doing some house projects then a 1 hour class 3-5 times a week is great! There is also a sport side to CrossFit though, so for individuals who want to be competitive some more goal/weakness specific programming can be helpful.

Why are brownies so good and why do I dream of them?

Sugar!! and also sugar….probably?

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is time for athletes to come in and do something they want to do. If you missed a class that week you can make the workout up! Want to practice a movement that’s giving you trouble while a coach is around to watch? Open Gym is a perfect time for that. You and some buddies got together and want to play four square for 2 hours? Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened there!

How to start back up after some time off or a vacation?

If it was just a week or two I’d say your normal routine is probably fine to go back to, but staying at like 80% in terms of effort and loading is probably a good idea. If we’re getting close to or over a month off I’d recommend at least 1, if not 2, days cut back from what you were doing, and keep that same rule of 70-80% effort and load. The longer the time away the more time it will take to get back where you used to be, and I like to think of it as about half of the time you were away.

What’s up with cupping and how often should I see a Chiropractor?

Cupping is a therapy technique the same way that acupuncture or deep tissue massage is. Cupping specifically is pulling at the muscle fascia, but it’s just another way to help with recovery and muscle soreness. It is something that I personally find very helpful, but if you’re going to try it you should make sure the person knows what they’re doing. Chiropractors are also something I find very beneficial, and think it’s a good idea to get a routine alignment every 4-8 weeks especially when putting your body under load and stress is a routine thing.

Are recovery days programmed at the gym or how often should I rest?

Unless it’s during the Open I don’t consistently program active recovery or “blood flow” days for the daily WOD at the gym. At Innerdrive we have regular classes Monday through Friday, and, as long as you’ve progressed yourself to the volume of 5 days in a row, this is fine because 2 days off for the weekend should allow you to recover. If you’re someone who maybe attends specialty on top of regular class or likes, to come Saturday morning also, then I recommend taking a day off during the middle of the week to give your body a little break.

-Coach Tristan