Mindset: Your Best for the Day


Mindset: Your Best for the Day

We all train a lot. Even just 3 days a week is over 120 days a year, and I think it’s safe to say there aren’t 120 of the same days in a year. I’d pretty easily argue there aren’t 2 of the same day in a year, given so many possible factors everyday. Yet we all tend to expect the same best possible effort each and every day we walk into the gym. It’d be great to always hit your best numbers on any given day, but that wouldn’t make them your best, and it’s really easy to let it get to you when you feel like you came up short.

When it comes to weightlifting this is often why you see “build to a heavy” rather than “find a max”. On a perfect day that heavy could be your personal best or even a little heavier! It could also be that you get up to 80 percent and that’s just all that you’ve got that day. Either scenario is totally fine, as long as that’s your best for the day, because in the long run that’s what counts. Some days we don’t sleep great, others were a little under the weather, work can be extra stressful, and once in a while all of it happens at once. As a coach I can often see it when a person walks in the door, but they still came in the door, so I know they’re willing to give their best for that day.

There’s no reason this has to only applies to the gym though. Giving your best for the day should apply to any and all aspects of your life. How you approach your work, your hobbies, and your relationships are no different than your exercise routine. If anything they’re more important cause they make up a much larger portion of your life than an hour or so a day a few times a week.

Giving your best everyday is entirely different than doing “good enough” for the day. That’s why always doing the best you can is actually very difficult in reality. t’s the difference between calling it good and settling, or actually trying and putting effort into something. Ask yourself a few times a day if that was the best you’ve got, or if you shrugged off putting the effort into it. When you’re finishing a project, answering a simple question, or getting done with a workout. Whether the answer is yes or no you’ve got a different day tomorrow to give your best.

-Coach Tristan