Mentality: The Middle Work


Mentality: The Middle Work

We’ve been in this quarantine for quite a while now. It’s come to a point where we’ve all found a new routine of some kind, and gotten comfortable with ways to fill our time. Picking up new hobbies, getting prepped for summer to finally come, and starting all kinds of projects. How many of those projects have you finished up though? Better yet, were there a lot of 3 day projects that turned into 3 week ones?

As people we tend to be driven by the rush of a new goal, and the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s not where the work and results are done though. When you decide to build something picking up the materials is amazing because all you can see in your head is the end result. Similarly, when putting on the final touches we feel that same rush again, but now of our concept coming alive.

It’s the same going into any new endeavor. Starting a new workout routine, dialing in your nutrition, or getting that new garden dug up. Any task that we move away from more than 1 or 2 times tends to either get put on a back burner or start to feel further away. We start to see all the individual steps needed. The weekly meal prep, the daily grind through workouts; the cutting, drilling, and correcting designs. The work seemingly starts to build and we see 3 more things to add in when you finish 1.

It’s easy to see the first and 90th day of a 90 challenge rewarding, but it’s the 2nd through 89th days where you put all that work in! Finding the rewarding side of all that time in the middle is how we keep going on track. Finding the enjoyment in the meal planning, in every workout, in every screw placed, or row of potatoes watered week after week.

Without that work in the middle there is no end product, or it comes out looking a little shy of how you dreamt it. Even skipping some of that work in the middle can make a similar outcome, but it’s a lot less sturdy. Put in the work everyday knowing it’s what creates that end vision, and the better the work the stronger the structure.

-Coach Tristan