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Member of the Month: Polly Schiltz


Member of the Month: Polly Schiltz

Polly began coming to CrossFit Innerdrive in March of 2017 after the encouragement of her children, Nick and Katie. She wanted to supplement what exercise she was already doing to help make daily life, and everything else she was involved with outside the gym, easier. Polly was unbelievably impactful to every one of us fellow members, and the wide community of each and every school she was a part of.

Despite the fact that she wasn’t over six feet tall she loved getting to do anything on the rower! Polly loved to do anything where she could get a barbell on her hands, and always worked on her mobility to fix her overhead positioning so she could enjoy it that much more. It was everyone around her, and the goal of getting better everyday that kept her always motivated.

Polly was very much a staple of CrossFit Innerdrive and everyone felt the unfortunate loss of her passing shortly ago. Her presence will always be with us at the gym!