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Member of the Month: Jess Williams


Member of the Month: Jess Williams

Jess doesn’t remember when she began at CrossFit, but thinks it’s been around 2 years. She has always been proactive in her fitness, even to the extent that she taught several group fitness classes herself, but she wanted to give something new a shot. This gave her lots of experience with kettlebells and body-weight movements, but Jess’s favorite thing is actually something that was fairly new to her in power cleans. To mirror this she’s had lots of trouble learning how to string toes to bar together despite lots of past strong core work.

Jess is a routine 5 am attendee, but she admits that she would be much more likely to sleep in if her husband Clint didn’t come with her. The other people that are crazy enough to get up that early are also pretty consistent, so she looks forward to seeing her friends in the morning. It’s also always a treat for her to see what Brittni’s, let’s say slightly PG, morning question could possibly be.

During the winter Jess doesn’t do to much activity outside the gym because it’s freezing and it’s much nicer to sit inside where it’s warm. That just leaves a longer window for her to develop her fitness to feel more energetic throughout the day. As the weather does start to finally warm up she looks forward to getting outside more for afternoon walks and bike rides.