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Member of the Month: Freddy Carter


Member of the Month: Freddy Carter

Freddy has been doing CrossFit since 2015, and joined us at Innerdrive in the fall of 2018. He tried the Globo-gym set up, but that doesn’t have the same accountability that a community gives. Freddy is usually part of the evening crowd, and the friends he’s made makes it easy to come in irregardless of the workout.

It’s always nice to be less inclined to cherry pick, but Freddy recently set a goal to make it 4 times every week! This means he’s probably gonna have to do the double under workouts he doesn’t enjoy. Some heavy back squats might make him get in for a 5th day though.

Freddy enjoys using his fitness outside the gym often. He likes that we have several different seasons to get out on the water in the warm weather, and ski during the current colder months.