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Member of the Month: Bill Musick


Member of the Month: Bill Musick

Bill was active before joining CrossFit and consistently ran and lifted some weights at home, but he got frustrated after feeling like all he could do for a better workout was to run further. He started asking what his friends were doing for exercise and Shelby Trail convinced him to come give CrossFit a try. It was right after his first workout that he was instantly hooked!

He generally likes any kind of gymnastics, but also likes when we hit some heavy squats, which most of us can agree on there. Loving squats doesn’t translate to all barbell stuff though as the Olympic lifts give him a lot of trouble just like everyone else. Figuring out the timing of all the different parts ends with him pulling early. Bill keeps himself very occupied outside the gym running around with (read as cleaning up behind) his 2 kids, and getting out on the lake as often as he can in the summer.

Bill is pretty new to the Albert Lea area, having just been here 5 years, but CrossFit Innerdrive has given him a place to make new friends all the time. Sometimes the workouts can have lows with getting sick or going on vacation, but they’re quickly followed by a high of encouragement from our coaches and his new friends. The constant support and judgement free community has also helped Bill become much more comfortable in his skin from often being referred to as “small guy”, and consistently lift heavier weights.