Meal Prep


Meal Prep

I’m not gonna get into the diets and stuff like macros associated with meal prepping because, like I’ve said before on these blogs, I’m not a nutritionist. I do want to talk about how beneficial the convenience of having pre-made meals can be for your general health though. Also I’ve played with meal prepping myself a few times so I’ll go over some solutions for the common issues I’ve noticed people have with meal prepping.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” we’ve all heard it, but let’s be honest, a lot of us either don’t ever eat anything in the morning or at least not enough to constitute a meal. It may not be breakfast but maybe you often get home late and don’t have time to cook dinner, or you often work through lunch. No matter what the case it is very common that we routinely miss a meal throughout the day. This is one of the ways meal prepping can be so good for your health, because it can help ensure you’re getting enough food throughout the day. Meal prepping makes it much easier to have food ready for either in the morning or to take with us to make sure we can eat when we should.

It can also helps solve the problems that fast food often presents. Fast food is a quick solution most people turn to when lunch rolls around, but it’s just so unhealthy. Home cooked meals are usually made from much healthier foods irregardless of the dish itself, and when you mix that with how much cheaper a home prepared meal is it’s really a no brainer.

So, if having meals ready to take with you is beneficial for your health and wallet why doesn’t every one have them made already? Well for one if someone doesn’t have the time for breakfast where are they supposed to find time to cook meals to take with them everywhere. I think getting over this time consuming part is the hardest thing, especially if you’re not a huge fan of cooking, but one help with this is simply making more food than you need on the occasions you do. By making extra food to start with you can easily save the extra for lunch the next day or two! If you don’t mind cooking it can actually be a fun few hours meal prepping, but eating the same thing for every lunch can get really boring. Some people are fine with eating chicken and rice for ever meal, but simply changing a couple things in recipes makes it a whole different meal in my experience. Cooking a lot of meat on a grill tastes completely different than in an oven.

For those of you that are interested in making a couple of your meals ahead of time this weekend here’s some places to start. First pick out some kind of meat. Chicken is generally very popular cause it heats up well, but burgers work well also if you cook them a little under your preference. Picking out a carb is pretty easy since rice is easy to make tons of at once, but i’m partial to sweet potatoes since there’s a ton of different ways to prepare them. Lastly, almost all vegetables roast great at 425 with some olive oil and salt and pepper. You can also add in more fresh produce like fruits the same day that your going to take it with you to eat.

Meal prepping has become very popular over the last several years, and like anything that takes off there are things that make a business out of it. There are tons of companies out there now that offer what is basically “to order, meal prep”. Using it as your sole means of food would get quite pricey, but just getting a couple could be an excellent way to come up with some ideas for your own weekly meals to make! Innerdrive is currently working on partnering with Origin Meals locates right here in the Minnesota area to provide our athletes with some possible options.

The bottom line is that thinking of meal prepping as a “diet”, or that you have to make 80 meals at a time is unnecessary. Simply making a little extra dinner the night before can give you a lunch and save you some money the next day, but if you want to try something new you can always buy a couple to try online. Even the ones ordered online are made fresh and very healthy, especially when compared to a quick sandwich from down the road.

-Coach Tristan