Enjoy the Little Things


Enjoy the Little Things

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s perspective on just about everything in their life has changed during this crazy time. A couple weeks ago getting up for work was a hassle, and now you’re anxiously waiting to get back in the office. At the same time, however, dinner used to be a mad dash of cooking, cleaning, and getting the kids ready for bed. Evenings move a little slower now though. You sit down at the table and talk during dinner, spend an extra 20 minutes playing a game before heading to bed, and even finish the next chapter of your book rather than seeing how quickly you can fall asleep.

The common saying of “Don’t know a good thing till it’s gone” is probably going through lots of people heads. We all often get used to having things in our daily lives, like chatting with coworkers and going to the gym, that we don’t actually notice how much they added to our daily experience of life. I think this is where the silver lining of this current situation lies. When we finally get the chance to go back to our old routine we’ll see how lucky we are. Getting up at 5am to go the gym now puts a smile on your face instead of lines under your eyes. Sincerely congratulating Bob on his boys little league win rather than the half-hearted “that’s great.” We’ll notice those old day in and day out monotonous tasks we got used to and appreciate them.

At the same time this experience has shown us how nice it is to slow down when doing things that we used to rush through. Actually sitting down in the morning with your cup of coffee rather than running out the door with it and drinking it in your car. Holding a book in your hands and reading it instead of listening to the audio book version so you can do other things at the same time. Not trying to multitask the easy stuff, but taking the time to enjoy it.

Relatively soon we’ll all get back into our old routines and settle into the groove we once new. Hopefully there’s still times we all remember this experience, and enjoy the little things and appreciate the other things.

-Coach Tristan