Coming Together


Coming Together

I’ve really been struggling to find the right words to say for this, and how to connect it to our Innerdrive community. I was scared. Scared I’d say the wrong thing, that my sentiments would come across as disingenuous or insensitive, and that I may seem uneducated about the discussion. In truth it’s because I am uneducated about it. I’ve been passive in both my acceptance and disapproval of inclusiveness, and haven’t taken the initiative to learn what I could do or put in the effort to do the things I already can.

All of us have been apart from almost everyone else for the last few months, but what seems like overnight we’re back around each other again. Gyms are open, people are sitting inside restaurants, and you can go clothes shopping somewhere other than Walmart. It’s almost culture shock colliding with people again in places, and even though we all say we missed that interaction I wonder how we’ll actually come together.

There has been unmatched unity in so many things so quickly right now. Tens of thousands of people standing together in just one city for George Floyd, not to mention everywhere else in the world. Thousands of CrossFit affiliates denouncing Greg Glassman, and even HQ, for his appalling comments and their lack of effort in communicating their thoughts.

People came together, and it forced change in a near instantaneous amount of time. People all reacted together, but all those things have also just about entirely disappeared from my news feeds. People are reactive and want to make sure they’re seen reacting, so things flood, but reactions are fast. And so are their effects.

I know that there’s still things happening to build to a resolution, but those things aren’t being done reactively, it’s proactively and consistent. Peoples instant reaction to come together made a change, but we’ve been separated and it’s hard to leave what’s gotten comfortable for long. This is why I wonder how we’ll come together.

When countless tens of thousands shared in a reaction, and desire for the same change, it came about overnight. Then lots did what we all do, went to what was comfortable. What if we came together in the way that keeps working towards proper resolution; proactively and consistently.

All the effectiveness of reaction happening all the time even before reaction is called for. Not just being passive in agreeing with what’s right and should be done, but taking initiative in pursuing efforts. Efforts that make a meaningful lasting change, not just a reaction to show that you had a thought about it.

-Coach Tristan