Gather More Sticks


Gather More Sticks

“Cook while the fires hot!” Taking advantage of feeling at the top of your game, in special form, or everything just coming together. There are some days you walk into the gym, start moving a barbell, and the weights just feel light. That feeling is always great, and it doesn’t take long before days like that get further spread out, I’ll usually say go for it most of the time. The thing I think that’s ignored in that analogy though is building the fire, or better yet, keeping it burning.

A roaring fire is awesome, but it’s a process to get there. There’s a few big logs, the one rep maxes and faster WOD times, that we want to burn hot and high, but those ones don’t go up very well on their own. There has to be the twigs and branches, the consistent sets of strength work, EMOMs, and AMRAPs. All of those little ones from each day work that is put in is what keeps the flames hot enough till the big ones can go up.

Recognizing that fires burn down and need to continually be added to, and that to burn higher will take more sticks and work than before, is also important. Trying to always ride that high is a quick way to fully smoke out if you don’t take the time to step back for a while and build back up your structure. Getting expectations built up based off how well something went the first time can make for a tough realization too. When you do a squat cycle for the first time and add 50 pounds to your squat it’s awesome, but going back and doing it again only to add 5 pounds this time makes you wonder what went wrong. More or less the first time around was the first time you added in that stuff to burn that high, but it’s gonna take more the second time around to get it higher than it was.

The idea I hope I got across was that, even though the high points of PR’s are what we remember, there has to be a process to building up to those new records. Those new bests are bound to get further apart because you’re trying to build higher than you have before. Keeping in mind that all the day to day work is adding in something to build higher helps keep you motivated through the monotony of it.

-Coach Tristan