5 Tips for the CrossFit Open


5 Tips for the CrossFit Open

The Open is here! Technically it started last night, but we officially kick off Friday Night Lights tonight so I’m using that as my reference. Whether this will be you’re tenth Open or your first it has a tendency to bring a lot of stress and anxiety, and because of that I wanted to give my 5 tips to making the 2020 Open as good as possible for you.

1: Have a goal for all 5 weeks. If this isn’t your first open maybe you want to get a certain place on the worldwide leaderboard based on your age, occupation, or just in general. It could be to do at least 1 workout Rx, or simply to just take part in all 5 weeks. Setting an overarching goal can help keep you motivated to push through all 5 weeks.

2: Set a goal for each week. This might seem redundant to the first one, but having a goal for each specific workout as it comes along will help recenter you each week. Without fail everyone will have that workout that just happens to be made up of all the movements they’re terrible at and they don’t do great. It’s easy to let this bring your motivation down and leave you feeling mopey for the rest of the weeks to follow, but there’s a reason there’s 5 workouts and not just one. As weeks come and go maybe have a specific score in mind before doing it, picking out a movement you want to hit for the first time, or just a certain feeling of giving everything you had on that workout.

3: Forget expectations and go for it! Now this order is starting to seem really convoluted since I just told you to set a bunch of goals, but the Open brings something special to it from other workouts. When it comes to the Open workouts there’s a good chance you’ve done all the movements, maybe even done them in a similar workout before, but you can’t use that as a set guide here. There’s the stress of waiting all morning and afternoon to do it, there’s people cheering you on, and the adrenaline “3.2.1.Go” on a whole new level. This is why people get first muscle ups and handstand push ups and hit new PR’s on lifts. It’s also why people go out way to hot and can crash and burn. So keep your goals in mind, but when it’s go time don’t let what you’ve done before dictate what you can do then and there.

4: Don’t repeat. Are there exceptions to this? Yes. If your in contention to qualify to the games or a sanctional through the Open then repeat as much as needed, if you had an equipment malfunction that stopped you then you should also go again so that outside factors aren’t affecting your score. For most of the hundreds of thousands of people completing these workouts though it’s not needed. Is it likely you’d do better on a retest? Absolutely because you’ve learned something either about yourself or the workout that would help, but instead of trying to perfect that one workout with that knowledge use what you learned for all your workouts to come. Both in the Open and class.

5: HAVE FUN!!! This is the most important one. We’re a community. Not just with the members of your gym but with all the other CrossFitters around the world, and this is the one time a year we all really come together to show that. Through cheering on people at your gym, congratulating people on social media as you see your feeds flooded each week, and supporting each other as Dave Castro somehow makes thrusters even worse than we thought they already were every year.

I hope you all enjoy the next 5 weeks. Crushing personal goals, supporting each other and our larger community, and having fun. Now, it’s go time!!!

-Coach Tristan